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Written by Varonex_0

Version: Alpha 2

Hello everyone ! I am finally back at making developer notes about Wonderland ! After a busy year, the project is receiving a global overhaul and its main core mechanics are being finalized. The current version is still only on private access and not ready to be released to the public.


New Features

New UI and part placement feature

The part placement feature has been remade entirely ! With the new UI, you will be able to place the parts and do whatever you want with them using other features available ! A bunch of new type of parts has been added as well ! 

Part Selection & Handles. Actions in the 2D world

Wonderland is composed of 3 different bidimentional layers. Within a single layer, you are able to move, resize, and rotate your part to place it where you want ! Of course, your parts are all constrained within a frame. So you won't be able to move them out of it ! 

Properties frame revamp

Gone is the ugly old properties frame! Welcome the new, intuitive properties frame, letting you far more possibilities than the older one ! It covers all the possible colors on a machine !, instead of that old color palette you used to have ! 

Additional Tools

As always, Wonderland features tools to manage in depth all the parts you have in your world. Since a world features 3 bidirectional layers, you may want to move instances from one to another, or even resize them ! (The are additional tools) 

A completely revamped building experience

Wonderland's goal is to let users release their creative potential. However, ergonomy is a key to achieve this. That's why Wonderland is being developed to feature advanced building tools ! (More of them coming in the future)

From normal parts movements to assembly movements, everything is made to ensure precision: 

No bug to show due to private build.

No pending bugs to show due to private build.

Thank you for reading this devnote ! I am proud to be back on track. Wonderland is my dream project and I am ready to continue it as much as I can !

I hope you liked all the added features. Further updates will be published soon !

Stay tuned.

The Chief Executive Officer,